Public Enterprise & Restructuring Division

Public Enterprises and Restructuring

Mr. K.G. R. Wimalasooriya 
Additional Secretary

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The division coming under the supervision and direction of the Additional Secretary (Public Enterprises and Restructuring) is consisted with two sub-divisions as the Public Enterprise Division and the Restructuring Division

Among the public enterprises coming under the purview of the Ministry of Industries as included in Gazette Notification No. 2289/43 dated 22.07.2022 and amended by Extraordinary Gazette No. 2334/07 dated 30.05.2023, the following ten (10) government businesses are operating under this division. Relevant guidelines regarding the administration of public enterprises, making awareness, consulting activities, providing necessary support in solving problems, obtaining cabinet approval for development activities related to government enterprises, calling project proposals, preparing agreements, project supervision, progress review and, monitoring the financial progress of projects that receive financial allocations under the budget program are the activities implemented by this section.

Public Enterprises operating under the Restructuring Division

Lanka Mineral Sands Limited
National Paper Company Limited
Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited
Lanka Cement Company Limited
Lanka Ashok Leyland PLC
Lanka Leyland Limited

Public Enterprises operating under the Public Enterprise Division

Industrial Development Board (IDB)
National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA)
Ceylon Ceramics Corporation
Industrial Technology Institute


Mr. K M Rizvi
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Designation :Director
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Mr. Nishan C Jayarathne
Service : Sri Lanka Administrative Service
Designation : Assistant Director (Public Enterprise)
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The Public Enterprises Division has been established under the Public Enterprises and Restructuring Division with the objective of strengthening by supervising / monitoring the activities of following institutions coming under the purview of the Ministry of Industries.

1.Industrial Development Board (IDB)
2.National Enterprise Development Authority (NEDA)
3.Ceylon Ceramics Corporation
4. Industrial Technology Institute


Supervision of the following activities in the above institutions coming under the division

  • Coordinating & Monitoring of the functions
  • Development and implementation of operating systems to enhance accountability.
  • Monitoring of the budget proposal.
  • Assisting to the Secretary to monitor the financial and physical progress in the action plan and to hold progress review meetings.
  • Supervision of the quarterly accounts.
  • Intervention to resolve employment & financial issues.
  • Supervision of human resource management activities (new appointments, extensions of service, obtaining approval for staff, instruction to prepare recruitment procedures, etc.).
  • Assist to increase productivity of the organization.

Following activities are providing by the Division for all the institutions coming under the Ministry.

  • Appointment of Board of Directors and supervision of duties of the appointed Boards of Directors
  • Submission of annual accounts and reports to the Parliament on time

Restructuring Division

Mrs. Isanka S. Wijewardane – Director
T-Phone: 011-2432705
Extension: 526
Mobile: 0712508937

Description :

Implementation of restructuring programs to transform the underutilized loss-making & non-functioning public enterprises into sustainable & profitable institutions and enhancing the current status & make improvements in the functioning institutions that are operating under the Restructuring Division.

Public Enterprises operating under the Restructuring Division

1. Lanka Mineral Sands Limited
web address :

2. National Paper Company Limited
web address :

3. Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited
web address :

4. Lanka Cement Company Limited
web address :

5. Lanka Ashok Leyland PLC
web address :

6. Lanka Leyland Limited
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01. Administrative matters related to public enterprises

i. Making recommendations 

  1. Regarding cadre approval to public enterprises.
  2. For formulation and approval of recruitment and promotion procedures for approved staff in public enterprises.
  3. For amendments to the recruitment procedures applicable to approved posts in public enterprises.
  4. For approval on payment of new allowances proposed to be paid to the staff of public enterprises.
  5. Regarding the creation of new posts for public enterprises.
  6. For Issuing residence visas to foreigners working in government enterprises.

ii. Granting approval.

  1. To recruit officers / employees to fill vacancies in approved posts in public enterprises.
  2. To prescribe additional fuel payments to the Chairmen of Public Enterprises.
  3. For repairs exceeding Rs. 100,000.00 for vehicles belonging to public enterprises.
  4. For employment of staff in public enterprises on weekends and mercantile holidays.

iii. Making measures related to liquidation of public enterprises which have been approved for liquidation.

iv. Taking measures related to re-recruitment of staff for the public enterprises where the voluntary retirement compensation scheme has been implemented.

02. Carrying out development activities related to public enterprises.

i. Collection of all data related to the development activities of public enterprises.

ii. Preparation of ,

  1. An annual action plan for restructuring programs / development programs to be implemented in relation to public enterprises.
  2. Reports conducting feasibility studies on restructuring projects and preparation and submission of cabinet memorandums and note to the cabinet for Cabinet approval on such project proposals.
  3. Expression of Interests, Request for Proposals and publication of advertisements for the implementation of projects approved by the Cabinet.
  4. Organizing and coordinating all the activities required to carry out the Technical Evaluation and Financial Evaluation activities related to the submitted project proposals.
  5. Planning and organizing activities required to obtain project proposals from investors.
  6. Conducting all activities related to the organization and coordination of Project Committee Meetings and Cabinet Appointed Negotiation Committee Meetings related to restructuring activities.
  7. Monitoring the progress of project activities and convening progress review meetings and preparing progress reports.

Contact numbers for further information regarding the sale of products conducted by public enterprises

Name of public enterprises

Lanka Mineral Sands Limited
contact number : 011-2883951,011-2883952

National Paper Company Limited
contact number : 011-2556465,0112554191

Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited
contact number : 0112368736,0112368737,0112368738

Lanka Ashok Leyland PLC
contact number : 011-2502532,0112592163

Lanka Leyland Limited
contact number : 011-2801205