Division : Policy Development Sector

Branch : Policy Development Sector

Service : Issuing Domestic Valuation Process in Electrical Equipment and Electrical Equipment Industries and Issuing Recommendations for Tariff Concessions for Value Added Electrical Equipment and Electrical Equipment (under HS codes 84 and 85)

Eligibility Criteria / Required Qualifications

Recommendation of the Minister in charge of the subject of locally assembled / manufactured accessories industry not less than 30% of the local value added classified under HS codes 84 and 85 as per the Extraordinary Gazette No. 1992/30 Item 03 (and related gazette notifications) dated 10.11.2016 Can be exempted from customs duty on.

Process / Stages

  1. Submitting an application for duty exemption to the Ministry of Industry along with the certified cost structure and all relevant documents (originals and photocopies).
  2. Calculate the value added locally based on the cost structure and related documents submitted
  3. Informing the Ministry of Industry in a letter that the industrialist has started the manufacturing process
  4. Inspection of production process by this Ministry.
  5. Submit test reports and local value-added documents to the Minister in charge of Industries and obtain recommendations.
  6. Informing the recommendation of the Minister in charge of Industry to the Department of Fiscal Policy, Department of Trade and Investment Policy and Customs of Sri Lanka for necessary activities.
  • Concept Map
  • Project proposal Cost estimate
  • Local value-added calculation report certified by a Chartered Accountant

Division : Industrial Policy Development
Branch : Industrial Policy I
Name : P.Namagal
Service : Sri Lanka Administrative Service I
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