Sector Advisory committee

The development of trade-oriented industrialization Policies and Strategies is a vital aspect of the process of export promotion. Trade sector stability can only be achieved depending on the manufacturing sector’s capacity to supply goods demanded by the foreign market. As such, in order to ensure competition in the manufacturing sector, it is a great necessity to build coordination and collaboration among industry sectors with the objective to overcome challenges and gaps prevailing in the existing regulatory mechanism that negatively influences industry development.

The Ministry has obtained cabinet approval No 21/0985/320/030 dated 29 June 2021 to establish sector advisory committees in compliance with the provisions of the Industrial Promotion Act No. 46 of 1990. According to the cabinet approval, 20 Sector advisory committees were established under this Ministry. 

Sector Duties and responsibilities

  • To contribute and assist to the ministry to; 
    • Formulate the policies related to the sector.
    • Prepare short, medium and long term plan to the relevant sector of the ministry. 
    • Plan out strategies for implementation of such plan.
    • Identify human, physical, capital resources and market linkages and other resources required for promotion of the sector.
    • Advice on any other areas in order to foster and promote the sector.
  • Identify the problems and issues affecting the proper functioning of the sector, inform them to the ministry and propose solutions.
  • Work in collaboration with other advisory committees for the development of the manufacturing industry sector of the country.

List of Sector Advisory COMMITTEES

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Processed food


Tea, Value added Tea, Beverages

Coir and coir products

Spices and Essential Oils

Milk and Milk products

Gem and Jewellery

Rubber and Plastic products

Boat Building


Wood and furniture

Electrical and Electronic products

Ceramic, Porcelain, Tile and Granite


Paint, Chemical and Painting Materials

Metal Dies and Molds and Machinery


Ayurvedic and Pharmaceuticals

Textile and Apparel

Footwear and Leather Products