Division : Policy Development Sector

Branch : Policy Development Sector

Service : Issuance of Local Value-Added Process in the Automotive Industry and recommendations for Duty Concessions for Local Value-Added vehicles

Eligibility Criteria / Required Qualifications

According to the Extraordinary Gazette Notification dated 05.04.2021 2222/3 and qualifies as per the standard operating procedure of this Ministry, Local Industries Assembling / Manufacturing Vehicles that add at least 20% local value addition for four (4) wheel vehicles and at least 25% local value addition for two (2) wheel vehicles.


  1. Submission of a concept paper or project proposal with the Secretary to the Ministry of Industries along with a cost estimate for assembling / manufacturing a new vehicle model
  2. Submitting the above documents to the committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers.
  3. Calculate the value addition locally, based on the cost structure presented.
  4.  Informing the Ministry of Industries in a letter that the industrialist has started the assembly / manufacturing process
  5. Inspecting the assembly / manufacturing process by this Ministry.
  6. Addition of true local value certified by a Chartered Accountant, Submission of all related documents (originals and photocopies) to the Ministry of Industries.
  7. submit test reports and local value-added documents to the committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers and obtain recommendations.
  8. Submitting the recommendations given by the committee to the Minister in charge of Industry and obtaining the recommendations.
  9. Recommendation of the Minister in charge of Industry to the Department of Fiscal Policy, Department of Trade and Investment Policy, Customs of Sri Lanka and Department of Motor Traffic for necessary activities.
  • Concept Map.
  • Project proposal Cost estimate.
  • Local value-added report certified by a Chartered   Accountant.
  • Request letter for importing Vehicle Body Shell

Division : Industrial Policy Development
Branch : Industrial Policy Drvelopment I
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