Division : Industry and Industrial Estates Development Division

Branch : Sector Development Division I, II, III

Service : Issuance of Entry / Residence Visa Recommendations for Foreign Investors, Executive  Skilled technicians and technicians

Issuing recommendations of Entry /Extension of visa for the importation of Foreign Investors, Executives, Skilled Technicians and technicians required for manufacturing industries, subject to the restrictions described under Circular No. 01/2006 dated 11.09.2006 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • Submitting the duly completed application and other documents listed in page 4 of the application to relevant Additional Secretary.


  • Field Inspections or calls for interviews will be conducted if required.
  • Refer relevant applications and other documents to the Visa recommendation Review Committee. (VRRC)
  • As per the decision of VRRC, the visa recommendation letter signed by Additional Secretary will be issued via e-mail to the Controller General of Department of Immigration and Emigration with a copy to applicant.
  • In case of inability to make visa recommendations, the applicant will be notified via email.
  • There is no charge


Other documents listed under page number 4 of the application form should be submitted.

  • Request letter
  • Completed application form

For Entry & Residence Visa

  1. Ministry of Industries Registration (First time)
  2. Company profile
  3. Copies of passports of applicant
  4. Educational Qualifications (Specialized Divisions)
  5. Previous work experience
  6. Evidence of efforts made to recruit Sri Lankans for the relevant vacancies
  7. Police Clearance Report (Should be obtained from the relevant country)
  8. Copy of the letter of appointment or contract agreement or letter of agreement issued by recruitment agent.
  9. Responsibility undertaking affidavit issued by the Board of Directors.
  10. Copies of Employees provident fund(EPF/ETF payment receipt of the last 03 months.   

Visa Extension

  1. Ministry of Industries Registration (First time)
  2. Company Profile
  3. Copies of passports of applicant
  4. Copies of previous visa recommendation letter
  5. Copies of of previous visa recommendation letter
  6. Police clearance report obtained from the relevant Sri Lankan police station
  • Copies of Employees Provident Fund (EPF)/ ETF Payment Receipts for the last 03 months
  • Extended contract agreement
  • Responsibility undertaking affidavit issued by the Board of Directors

Use the link (visa application pdf) to download the application.

Sector I
Name : U.L.A.Udasiri Perera
Designation : Director
Telephone : 011 2328973
Ext : 301
Fax : 011 2432750
Email :
Division Ext : 370,382
Division Email :

Sector II
Name: Ms.B.Kunalini
Designation: Assistant Director (Acting)
Telephone:- 0112333312
Ext:- 388
Division Ext : 385, 305
Division Email :

Sector III
Name : Ms.Nalini Balasubramaniam
Designation : Director
Telephone : 0112328973
Ext : 310
Fax : 0112322250
Email :

Name : Mrs.H.M.A.Sachini Malika
Designation : Assistant Director
Telephone : 011 2327364
Ext : 536
Fax : 011 2472183
Email :
Division Ext : 421,371,428
Division Fax : 011 2472183
Division Email :