Division : Administration

Branch : Administration

Service : Implementation of the Right to Information Act

Designated Officer :   Mrs. J. M.Thilaka Jayasundara
                                        Secretary – Ministry of Industries

Information Officer :   Mr. N.G. Panditharatne
                                       Additional Secretary (Administration)

  1. Receiving the Application to receive Information and informing that application has been received

After receiving the Application to receive Information through RTI 1 format, the applicant will be informed that the Application to receive Information has been received by a letter with RTI 2 format.

    2. Determining the fees when it is decided to provide information

The fee charged for providing information will be informed to the applicant through RTI 4 format and the fee will be calculated as mentioned in the Extraordinary Gazette Notification No. 2004/66 dated 03.02.2017.

 Application to receive Information

Application / Forms :  RTI 1