The Ministry of Industries, industry and commerce was established in year 1931 as one of the first Ministries in Sri Lanka. It has the primary responsibility of promoting the industrial sector. According to the Extraordinary Gazette notification No. 2196/27 dated 06.10.2020 “Strengthening and promoting local industrial sector by adoption of advanced strategies in order to earn relatively large profit in the context of global competition by establishing links with the local, regional and international supply network through diversification of industries is the scope of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Industry directs three state Ministries and 17 various statutory bodies and public corporations. Further, this Ministry is responsible for the implementation of the Industrial Development Act No. 46 of 1990 and the National Enterprise Development Authority Act No. 17 of 2006. The following are identified as the special priorities of this Ministry.

  • Implementing a programme for jointly resolving with relevant institutions, the issues all industrialists are confronted with
  • Establishing a single integrated mechanism in order to efficiently handle the import and export processes without interruption
    and within a minimum period
  • Formulating and implementing policies, programmes and projects covering all provinces to strengthen export related production process
  • Developing and implementing methodologies required to economically strengthen existing industries and to create access to new industrial
    fields broadening investment opportunities
  • Introducing and implementing policies, programmes and projects required to resuscitate businesses and failed industries
  • Formulating a programme for protection and strengthening of local entrepreneurs and businessmen
  • Providing all infrastructure facilities required to establish the apparel city that has already been planned to be established in
    eravur area in collaboration with the board of investment and the Land Reforms commission
  • Explore by adoption of modern high- technology, the mineral resources that are expected to be found underground and, in the sea,
    and exploiting such resources to strengthen the countries’ production process

Our Vision

A globally competitive, sustainable and unique Sri Lankan manufacturing Industry.

Our Mission

Encourage diversified, high value added, innovative industrial products, use of eco-friendly sustainable methods, high market access opportunities and industrial development that benefits through the creation of a conducive environment based on technology, knowledge and innovative thinking.

Special Priorities of the Ministry

      • Effective Use of Sri Lanka’s Mineral Resources for National Development
      • Facilities for Production of Solar Energy / Electric Cars
      • Supporting and facilitating to remove barriers and develop a friendly environment for industries and export industries
      • Expand the opportunities and develop a system for enhancing skilled young and female entrepreneurs

Goals of the Ministry of Industries

      1. To Increase the industry contribution of the GDP from 26% to 30% by 2030
      2. To increase the Manufacturing sector contribution from 16% to 25% by 2030
      3. To increase the young and female entrepreneurship contribution in SME by 20% in 2025
      4. To increase the export share of GDP by 15% to 25% by 2030
      5. To increase the land extent for the Industrial Zones from 0.04% to 1% by 2025