Finance Division


Finance Division

Chief Finance Officer

S.H. Fernando
Designation: Chief Financial Officer
Telephone:011 2326957
Mobile: 071 8563572
Fax: 011 2326957


Ensure the smooth functioning of financial activities of the Ministry in accordance with financial regulations & other circulars, budget control and procurement plan while establishing proper internal control and financial discipline.

Finance Division

Mr. Bandula Kuruppu
Designation : Chief Accountant
Telephone : 0112327053
Mobile : 0711965912
Fax : 0112327053
Email :
  1. Organizing, supervising & directing the activities involved in accounting for all receipts, payments and procurement activities of the Ministry while ensuring proper internal control system.
  2. Monitor the spending of all financial allocations for re current & capital expenditure of the Ministry, which have been allocated by the annual budget, in accordance with financial regulations.
  3. Overseeing the submission of reports and annual financial statements to be submitted to the Treasury and the Auditor General on the due date by giving necessary guidance to the relevant officers.
  4. In accordance with government rules and regulations, engage with General Treasury on behalf of the Ministry and obtain the required services
Ms. G. T. Kumanayaka

Maintaining up-to-date records and information on all receipts and payments received by the Ministry in accordance with a proper internal control system and establishment of  a proper accounting system.

  1. Accounting for all receipts / payments within a proper internal control system.
  2. Update revenue, expenditure and main ledger account details to CIGAS system with the support of relevant officers.
  3. Submitting all daily transactions to the ITMIS computer system and submitting them online to the Treasury.
  4. Preparation and payment of salaries to the staff of the Ministry.
  5. Preparation of all the annual financial statements and reports and submitting them to the Auditor General and the General Treasury

 Procurement Division

Mr.K.A Bandula Kuruppu
Designation : Chief Accountant
Telephone : 0112327053
Mobile : 0711965912
Fax : 0112327053
Email :
  • Procurement of goods, works and consultancy services in accordance with the Government Procurement Guidelines, Government Circulars, Financial Regulations and Supplementary in relation to the Government Procurement Guidelines issued by the General Treasury.


    1. Preparing Annual procurement plan.
    2. Appoint the procurement committee and T.EC.
    3. Procurement actions are taken to fulfill the goods, works and consultancy services request by the various divisions of the Ministry base on procurement guidelines
    4. Facilitate Technical Evaluation Committees and Ministry Procurement Committees.

    Procurement Methods

    1. International Competitive Bidding (ICB)
    2. National Competitive Bidding (NCB)
    3. Limited/ Restricted International Competitive Bidding (LIB)
    4.  Limited/ Restricted National Competitive Bidding (LNB)
    5. Shopping
    6. Direct Contracting and Repeat Orders

    The choices of procurement methods depend on

    • The nature of the goods and services to be procured
    • The value of the procurement
    • The local availability and cost of goods and services
    • Critical dates for delivery
    • Agreement with the funding agency
    • Transparency of procedures proposed

    Required documents for obtaining the bidding document

    • Relevant business Registration
    • Payment receipt of the non-refundable deposit(If applicable)

    The following documents need to be submitted along with bids

    • As per the advertisement and bidding document prospective bidder should submit the bids with the relevant other documents (Bid security with specified value and time period in the document and given format)
    • Properly signed and attached the bid submission form with bid
    • All the bids should submit on time on the date mentioned in the advertisement and the bidding document
    • If sample required to submit with the bids should handover to relevant officer as per the procurement notice

    Selection Process

    In accordance with the specific bidding document, selection is done based on the technical evaluation committee recommendations and decisions are taken by the relevant procurement committee


    Telephone Number – 0112347392