Division : Industry  and Industrial Estate Development

Branch : Industry and Industrial Estate Development

Provide assistance and necessary recommendations to continue commercial operation of industries during pandemic/crisis situations

  • Submission of request by the investor.
  • Obtaining the recommendations of the Regional Industrial Services Committee by the Regional Industrial Services Center
  • Submitting the recommendations of the Divisional Industrial Services Committee for the approval of the Ministry.
  • Evaluation by the Ministry Evaluation Committee
  • Obtaining Cabinet Approval for the New Project
  • Notification of Cabinet Approval to Investors
  • Obtain request from industrialists.
  • Obtain recommendations from the relevant Regional Director (if required).
  • Give recommendation to the relevant authority/authorities.
  • Assist the investor to obtain required services from pertinent institution/s.
  • Coordinate and follow-up the activities related to the investor's requirement.
  • Provide necessary approvals of the Ministry of Industries (wherever necessary).
  • Letter of request
  • Certificates of Business Registration
  • (Form 01 and Form 20 of the Department of Registration of Companies)
  • Income tax registration
  • EPF registration

Division : Industry and Industrial Estate Development Division
Branch : Industry and Industrial Estate Development 
Name : B.A.K.W.L. Piyarathna
Service : SLAS  I
Designation : Director -I
Telephone : 0112441490
Ext : 352
Fax : 0112423965
Email : idmic110@gmail.com