Division of Primary Industries

Primary  Industries                                                   


 The following 03 public institutions are functioning under this division out of the public institutions that have been brought under the purview of the Ministry of Industries by the Special Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka No. 2281/41 and dated 27.05.2022.

In relation to the administrative work of those government institutions, providing necessary guidance, awareness, consultation, providing the necessary support in solving problems, and development activities related to those government institutions, obtaining the approval of the Cabinet Ministers, calling for project proposals, evaluating project proposals, preparing  agreements, project supervision, progress review, monitoring financial progress of the projects that are implemented under the budget program are also carried out by this division.

Establishments operating under Primary Industries Division

  1. National Gem and Jewelery Authority
  2. Gem and Jewelery Research and Training Institute
  3. Lanka Phosphate Limited                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Admin Division

Mrs. Chathuri R. Mamuhewa 
(Senior Assistant Secretary)
Telephone: 0112589072
Fax: 0112369790
E-mail :



Planning Division

S.A.W.K. Jayasekara
Director (Planning)

Telephone: 0112589087
Fax: 0112369790
E-mail :



Accounts Division

Mrs. M.P.K. Jayathunga
Chief Accountant
Telephone: 0112589283
Fax: 0112369790
E-mail : smgjacc@gmail.com