Division : Industry  and Industrial Estate Development

Branch : Industry and Industrial Estate Development

Selection of suitable investors to invest in the Industrial Estates and allocation of lands to commence their commercial production (subject to cabinet approval)

  • Submission of request by the investor.
  • Obtaining the recommendations of the Regional Industrial Services Committee by the Regional Industrial Services Center.
  • Submitting the recommendations of the Divisional Industrial Services Committee for the approval of the Ministry.
  • Evaluation the project by the Ministry Evaluation Committee
  • Obtaining Cabinet Approval for the New Project
  • Notification of Cabinet Approval to Investors
  • The investor should pay a deposit to the Ministry for the proper reservation of the land and submit that receipt with the  following documents to the Ministry.

           1.Action plan
           2.Survey plan of the land-It is sufficient to get it prepared by a private surveyo

  • Letter of recommendation for issuing a lease deed on long term lease basis (35 years) after commencement of industry production


  • Submission of investor request along with the application and project proposal.
  • Obtain recommendation of Regional Industry Services Committee (RISC) by the Regional Industry Services Center of the respective province.
  • Submission of RISC recommendations to the Ministry for further evaluation.
  • Evaluation of the project by the Ministry Evaluation Committee.
  • Submission of Cabinet Memorandum on the basis of Ministry Evaluation Committee report.
  • Obtain approval from the Cabinet of Ministers for each project.
  • Notification of Cabinet Approval to each investor and obtain required documents from him/her, in order to issue the land allocation letter.
  • Investor has to deposit performance security as determined by the Ministry and he/she should submit following documents:
  1. Receipt/Bank draft of the performance security.
  2. Industry work plan
  3. Survey plan of the land issued by a licensed surveyor.
  • Issue land allocation letter to the investor in order to provide possession of the land.
  • Issue letter of recommendation to obtain Lease Agreement, after commencement of the commercial production (the lease is subject to 35 years term).
  • Project Proposal - Downloadable. Link (project proposal)
  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • Description of income tax payments
  • EPF Certificate of Registration

Completed Application - 

In order to complete the application necessary instructions and the application can be downloaded through the (Application Pdf) link


Division : Industry and Industrial Estate Development Division
Branch : Industry and Industrial Estate Development Division
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