Division : Industry  and Industrial Estate Development

Branch : Industry and Industrial Estate Development

Service : The process of imparting knowledge to industrialists by conducting appropriate training programs in line with current needs

  • Training Needs Assessment Document completed by industrialists / investor associations
  • Review of training requirements by the Ministry.
  • Implementing the required training programs through suitable resource persons / institutions
  • Obtain Training Need Assessment completed by Industrialist's Associations.
  • Review Training need and availability of the Ministry.
  • Arrange/Organize required training programs obtaining assistance from relevant institutions/authorities, enriched with capable resource persons.

Division : Industry and Industrial Estate Development Division
Branch : Industry and Industrial Estate Development 
Name : B.A.K.W.L. Piyarathna
Service : SLAS  I
Designation : Director -I
Telephone : 0112441490
Ext : 352
Fax : 0112423965
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