Conducting Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) Assessment and Capacity Building Training for Local Industries in Sri Lanka

” In the current Sri Lankan scenario, local industries struggle with soaring resource and energy expenses, leading to diminished competitiveness. To counter the challenges of increasing energy cost for production, the adoption of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) practices emerges as a viable and practical solution.

Following the successful RECP project conducted in last year, the Ministry of Industries in collaboration with National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka (NCPCSL) envisages conducting (RECP) Assessments and Capacity Building Training this year as well for selected local Industries with comprehensive approach by incorporating detailed Energy Audits within each assessment to ensure sustainable use of energy, water, material consumption and waste management, offer benefits to the Industries by improving business branding, cost savings, improvements in working conditions and environmental performance.

Note: The program is conducted free of charge and is funded by the Ministry of Industries.

The industries who are willing to apply for this programme have to fill out the Google form application through on or before 11 March 2024″