Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit Division
B.K.M.J. Rodrigo
Chief Internal Auditor

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Ext: 366
Mobile: 071 – 4557999 / 0777958248
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Internal Audit Division


The internal audit division is an independent division setup under the secretary to the ministry, apart from finance and accounts which is outside the purview of the Ministry. This division operates under the supervision and direction of the chief internal auditor.

Powers vested in the internal audit division in terms of appointments made under the section 4 of the national audit act and financial regualtions number 133,134 and in section 38(a) and (e) of the national audit act, the department of audit management conducts audits in accordance with the provisions of circulars issued from time to time, to ensure that the responsibilities of the chief accounting officer are fulfilled as stated.

The main responsibility is to Continue surveys and independent evaluation of the regularity and adequacy of internal audits carried out to study the internal control systems of the Departments and Institutions under the Ministry of Industries and the Ministries and to prevent and detect errors and frauds in those systems, and the Departments and Institutions under it Assist the Chief Accounting Officer and the Progress Monitoring Committee in determining the progress made in the implementation of development projects and proposals and the implementation of plans and programs conducted by the Minis