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Current Business Strategy of SOEs of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce

The Corporations and Statutory Boards  Division  of this  Ministry  performs to make all Corporation and Statutory Boards which come under the purview of the  Ministry  of Industrial Development as most viable  and  sustainable public  enterprises, To achieve  this, the division take  measure to enhance  productivity of all resources and  maximize  revenue, expand the business activities by initiating to introduce appropriate business strategies and business model for these public enterprises. There are 14 public enterprises are coming under the purview of this ministry and most of them are self sustain under the competitive situation and these institutions  are moving strategically towards sustainable development in the industrial sector towards to contribute economic growth of the country as well as well being of the Nation.

Lanka Mineral Sands Limited is a Public Limited Company with the Treasury being the sole share holder. It has Mineral Sand Processing plant at Pullmudai and expanding mining activities. This Ministry has initiated to enter into a joint venture for the manufacture and marketing of value added products. Under this, converting raw beach mineral sands into value added products such as, Synthetic Rutile, Titanium slag, Sponge and Titanium dioxide pigment will enable the Lanka Mineral Sands Limited to get maximum benefits.

Lanka Phosphate Limited has recognized the importance and the national need to manufacture Single Super Phosphate (SSP) for short-term crops. This will be a boom to Sri Lankan agriculture whilst preventing a large annual outflow of foreign exchange on the import of Triple Super Phosphate to the tune of Rs. 11 billion. per annum. As it is revealed that the Lanka Phosphate Limited can under take this task in its stride without forming a new company, an initial step is being taken to find the source for capital to implement the project.

Owing to non availability and increase the price of raw material, the Ceylon Ceramics Corporation has been passing through a difficult time during past few years. It is recommended to diversify the productions at the factories, where the corporation running at continue losses, to adopt the loss minimization strategy with the willing of the state holders.

Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited is a fully Government Owned Public Limited Company, which functions under the purview of this Ministry. Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited was ceased operations in 2003 due to various reasons and has recommenced its operation activities from January 2008 under the "Mahinda Chintana" Programme. Now the company is operating successfully without any burden to the General Treasury.

Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited has recorded continuous profits during the past 5 years and declared dividends to the Treasury from its earnings. Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited ceased its manufacturing activities in 1985 and engaged with trading. Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited has started Chlorine filling centre at the Kaluthara Industrial Park. This Ministry has initiated action to recommence of chloro-alkali factory at Paranthan under the "Uthuru Wasanthaya" programme.

In terms of contribution for socio-economic development in the post war era, some of  these institutions are either playing  or intent to play vital role. Recommencement of Mathai Salt ltd in Mannnar saltent provide employment opportunities and helps to boost local industries. Mantai Salt Limited is a Public Limited Company with the Treasury being the sole share holder. The company is engaged with production and trading of salt. At present it operates two salterns are in the Manner and Jaffna Districts, namely, Mannar saltern and Chemmani saltern respectively. Although Mantai Salt Limited was running at a loss from 2001 to 2005 and it was able to paid dividend in 2008 from the earned profits by improving the operational activities in the saltern. Re-opening of Elephant pass and Kamburupitiya salterns which were destructed from its operation due to the prevailed situation of the area are aimed to be reactivated by the Ministry soon. Operational activities by reactivating of Kumpurupity and Elephant -Pass Salterns and production in full capacity in Mannar Saltern. This would help the MSL to substitute with the import quantity of salt toward to save foreign exchange that spent for import in 1985.

Supplying fishing gears like fishing net, Ice and fishing board to Jaffna  fishermen is important for Jaffna fishing community to generate their income to uplift living standard. Northsea Limited which was incorporated in July 2001 to carry out the business previously carried out by the Cey-Nor Foundation Limited in the Nothern Province. The main functions of the company are manufactured and sale of all types of fishing nets, twine and fishing boats and repair of fishing crafts. This company has made profits during the last several years and has utilized its own funds for their expenditure. However due to the security problem in the Northern Province, the company has stopped its operations for several months. Which caused to depend on treasury for its expenses. However, the company was manage to resume the manufacturing activities with the donation of a machine from a NGO and working capital that was granted on loan basis by the ministry. Presently the Company intends to enhance the production capacity, re-activating the Ice plant to meet the demand that is increased as fishing restriction has been lifted in Jaffna Peninsula.

As an adverse impact of out break of the conflict situation of the North, Sri Lanka Cement Corporation and Lanka Cement Limited had to suspend manufacturing of Cement and it has to trading activities, which help them for self survival without burden to the treasury. However, the Ministry has taken initiate steps to re-activate the plant at KKS.

The state owned Enterprises which are coming under the purview of this Ministry are,

  • Sri Lanka Cement Corporation
  • Lanka Phosphate Limited
  • Ceylon Ceramics Corporation
  • Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited
  • Lanka Cement Limited
  • Lanka Ashok Leyland Limited
  • Lanka Mineral Sands Limited
  • Manthai Salt Limited
  • Northsea Limited
  • Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited

The following Institutions are administrated by the Ministry of Textile (Non Cabinet Ministry)

  • Textile Quota Board
  • Lanka Fabric Ltd
  • Lak Salu Sala
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