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The importers who are willing to bring down the industrial raw materials from India for manufacturing operations under the Indian Credit Line (ICL) are kindly requested to adhere to the following procedures. Further, the “Country of Origin” of the raw materials which are going to be imported under the ICL should be India.

Step 01  Obtain an affidavit from the Indian supplier on receiving the last payments in Indian Rupees (Form D1) and have to get the Performa Invoice/s for your immediate requirement (for one or two-month requirement).

Step 02 Fill out the google form relevant to the Ministry of Industries for further evaluation through the link:

Step 03 The Ministry of Industries will allocate a reasonable quota according to your invoice value to import industrial raw material for manufacturing under this line of credit after reviewing the applications/google form.

Step 04 This Ministry will inform the confirmation of allocation at the earliest.

Step 05 Collect the confirmation letter from the Ministry of Industries

Step 06 Submit two sets of copies of the undermentioned documents (A-F) along with the Ministry’s confirmation letter to the Indian Credit Line Facility Coordinating Unit (ICLFCU) located on the 3rd Floor of Treasury, Room No- 322, Contact No. – 0112484600, Extension – 2106 / 2135, Email– The following documents should be obtained from the Indian Supplier.

  1. Agreement on Receiving Payments in Indian Rupees (INR) by the Indian Exporter –  Form “D1”
  2. Declaration / Affidavit to the effect that all the information provided in the prescribed format is correct and in case any figures or information given therein are found to be incorrect and/ or certificates/documents provided in support of the relevant information entered therein are found to be fabricated, the contract will not be considered for inclusion under the credit facility (in the format attached) – form “E”
  3. Details, as mentioned in the attached questionnaire – form “B”
  4. Details of goods and bank information- form “F”
  5. In case of JV, Applicant’s JV Member’s Information (in the format attached) – form “C”
  6. Certification regarding company- form “A”
  • Description of Nature of entity: Company/ Proprietorship firm/ Others
  • Certificate of Incorporation (or equivalent documents of constitution or association), and/or documents of registration – Certified by the company secretary/ a director/ partner/ lawyer.
  • Copies of IEC, PAN and GST Registration details – Certified by the company secretary/ a director/ partner/ a lawyer.
  • List of Board of Directors with their complete designation in case of nominee Directors – Certified by the company secretary
  • The beneficial ownership with respective shareholding and nationality of shareholders of the JV Member (in case of a JV) – Certified by the company secretary or a director
  • A copy (self-attested on all pages) of Power of Attorney in favour of the person who has been authorized, through an appropriate Company Board Resolution or equivalent document, to sign on behalf of the Applicant – Certified by the company secretary/ a director/ a partner/ a lawyer.
  • Financial Status & Capacity, certified by the Statutory Auditors of the company/firm
  • Details of non-performed export contracts, if any
  • Copy of necessary Certificates regarding safety from relevant agencies in India such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in case of food items; Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) in case of medicines etc (wherever applicable) – Certified by the company secretary/ a director/ a partner/ a lawyer

Step 07 All the documents submitted to the ICLFCU will be sent to the Indian High Commission (IHC) and State Bank of India (SBI) for verification and approval.

Step 08 ICLFCU will issue a payment settling confirmation letter after the IHC and SBI grant the approval

Step 09 Submit the details of your address, bank name where LC is going to be opened, bank branch and the bank address of the importer to ICLFCU once you receive the payment settling confirmation from the Treasury

Step 10 ICLFCU will facilitate to open  a LC or DP

Step 11   Once your consignment arrives at Sri Lanka Port under the ICL scheme, you have to submit the following details to ICLFCU

  1. Indian Financial System Code pertaining to the Exporter Bank
  2. The certificate of the Country of Origin
  3. Exporter Bank and address

Step 12 On behalf of you, SBI will pay the money to the exporter

Note: Pls download the following documents for filling out the google form

Production Details

Raw Material Details

Do not hesitate to contact the below officials for clarification, 

Mr. I. Chaminda Pathiraja

Additional Secretary

Ministry of Industries

Mobile: 0773550134

Ms B. Kunalini

Assistant Director (Sector Development II)

Ministry of Industries

Mobile: 0774298727

Ms. Nishanthi

Development Officer

Ministry of Industries

Mobile: 0711097771