Fuel Allocation for Industrialists

The Ministry of Industries has taken a step to facilitate the process of fuel (Diesel) allocation for manufacturing industrial undertakings through the nearest SLTB depot. Therefore, industrialists are kindly requested to fill out the google form through the following link

                                                     Google form linkshorturl.at/ksx47

For further details contact the following officials,

I.Chaminda Pathiraja

Additional Secretary (Sector Development)

Ministry of Industries


Mr. U.L.A. Udasiri Perera

Director (Sector Development I)

Ministry of Industries


B.A.K.W.L. Piyarathna

Director (Sectoral Development II)

Ministry of Industries


Ms.Nalini Balasubramaniyam

Director (Sectoral Development III)

Ministry of Industries


H.M.J.M. Herath

Director (Industry Development)

Ministry of Industries