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Dissemination of Industry Data

It is one of the primary objectives of the ministry to provide easy access to vital information in industrial sector to our customers with modern IT facilities. As this ministry is one of the main organizations in Sri Lanka specially concern on industry related information, we maintain some comprehensive databases on industry statistics . In this process we conduct an annual survey by sending annual return form to obtain manufacturing details from all registered industries under the ministry and maintain a database on annual manufacturing details. Further we maintain another database on registered industries with their basic information such as location, contact details, manufacturing products etc. This information could be browsed through the web by geographical location, sector and manufacturing products within given period.

Under this survey we collect their production details such as output value , output quantity, production capacity, sales value & sales quantity by export and local, value of local & imported raw materials used , power & fuel used, electricity consumed, wages, no of employees etc. on annual basis. This information is available at different levels such as at District and Divisional Secretariat level on aggregated form by ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification) categories.


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